Miclon genuinely desires a world where transportation is energy-efficient, pleasurable, and accessible to everyone. There is no doubt that e-bikes are the future of transportation. When it comes to making better electric bikes, this is our exclusive mission.


To offer an unequaled cycling experience for all, we challenge ourselves to originally create elegant designs and make reliable e-bikes. The status quo is just the status quo. We are heading to the future.

C-ustomer First

Our roots lie in our customer experience. We make every decision based on the consideration of if we are doing the right things for our riders. We strive to provide top-tier products at an attainable price with the best services.

L-ifelong Services

We take electric bikes as everyone’s companions. We treat companions as our family, taking good care of them with no hesitation. Hence, we promise you lifelong services to make sure you can always find the best support and solutions for Miclon e-bike from us.

O-utstanding Experience

We believe every ride is an opportunity for us to experience the world and to border the boundaries that others set for us. Miclon gives you the freedom to go wherever you want, do whatever you want. Always be who you want to be, be outstanding.

N-ever Stop

We always keep humble and seek to improve because we never want to stop. We hope every person can enjoy the power to move freely. Hence, we are dedicated to creating, innovating, and making e-bikes that thrill and delight riders, over and over again.